© Marcos Melendez

© Marcos Melendez


I grew up in the pines of Nacogdoches, TX where I received my MA in Digital Art from Stephen F. Austin State University.

I moved to Austin and spent about fifteen years working for the University of Texas at Austin as head of the computer labs for the College of Communication. It was not that far from art as I was entrenched in all the digital tools for Advertising, Journalism, and Film. Along the way I picked up the skills for design, digital layout for print and multimedia, and video editing. In the middle of all that I managed a staff of one full-timer and thirty part-time students.

In 2013 I attended the Illustration Masterclass, which emboldened me to go back to my calling and now work full-time as a creative.

My work centers around mythology, both ancient and modern. And when I say “modern,” I refer to comics and pop culture. They are today’s lessons and allegories. I also like to take things slightly askew. That isto create a perfectly normal scenario with a slight twist for the purpose of getting the reader to ask questions. Both of these themes feature heavily in my comic Hieretic.